Wooden End Grain Chopping Boards

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Make Me Something Special
In 2007, Make Me Something Special was founded by Ben and Davina to design and create perfect gifts for any occasion. Every piece of wood is carefully hand-selected based on its natural beauty and is then transformed and engraved with your personal inscription to make each piece unique. MMSS is a family business based within the Surrey Hills. They strive to create something special and unique for each and every customer. Ben and Davina pride themselves on being one of the few remaining companies that values craftsmanship and attention to detail above all else.
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These very special end grain chopping boards are the pinnacle of kitchen preparation. If you are after a chopping board for life – you want one of these boards. If you have never used End grain before, you will realise instantly what it is all about.

What’s special about our end grain chopping boards is that not only are they extremely hardwearing and beautiful to look at but they are also kinder to the knife blade. This is because when your knife cuts down on an end grain chopping board it passes between the fibres of the wooden chopping board, the fibres then close up again once the blade is removed. It’s not difficult to see why these chopping boards are the No.1 choice for professional chefs and butchers.

Handcrafted from our highly prized Amish American Hardwoods our End grain chopping boards are available in two different timbers, Oak and Walnut. No matter which timber you choose, either the warm honey blonde colour of the oak or the rich dark chocolate colour of the walnut, both timbers are very beautiful when set out in the butcher’s block pattern, you really see all the contours of the grain when the timber is turned on its side.

Small: 5cm x 20cm x 30cm (2” x 8” x 12”) ~ up to 15 characters per side

Medium: 5cm x 30cm x 40cm (2” x 12” x 16”) ~ up to 20 characters per side

Large: 5cm x 40cm x 50cm (2” x 16” x 20”) ~ up to 30 characters per side

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