Dining Tables

Hyatt Industrial Dining Table
This Hyatt – Canning Industrial Dining Table is handmade using only the best reclaimed materials.... by Little Tree Furniture
Hyatt Industrial Adjustable Coffee/Dining Table
The clever design of our Fulton Industrial Adjustable Height Coffee/Dining Table makes this table perfect... by Little Tree Furniture
Hairpin Dining Table
Beautiful, functional and made to last a lifetime.  by Biggs and Quail
Ashburnham Sleeper Dining Table
The Ashburnham range combines reclaimed wood with recycled iron and metal creating stunning and unique... by Little Tree Furniture
Hickory Dining Table
This Hickory Dining table comes from the Hickory collection. Contemporary modern furniture made from reclaimed... by Little Tree Furniture
Shilp Dining Table
The Shilp Dining Table is a contemporary and modern piece from the Zephyr Collection, made... by Little Tree Furniture
Mazi Dining Table
This Mazi Dining Table comes from the Zephyr collection. Contemporary modern furniture made from FSC... by Little Tree Furniture