Bedside Tables

Tannery Lamp Table
Place your lamp on our rustic-chic Tannery Lamp Table to light up your room in... by Baker Furniture
Grasmere 3 Drawer Bedside
Ample storage for the side of your bed with our Grasmere 3 Drawer Bedside. by Baker Furniture
Grasmere 1 Drawer Bedside Table
The Grasmere 1 Drawer Bedside Table is the perfect little bedside table to store your... by Baker Furniture
Cotswold Lamp Table
Bring a touch of French country chic into your kitchen or dining room with the... by Baker Furniture
Hickory Lamp Table
The Hickory Lamp Table is a contemporary and modern piece made from reclaimed wood. This... by Little Tree Furniture
Ashburnham Sleeper Lamp / Side Table
Our Ashburnham Lamp/ Side Table is made from reclaimed railway track sleeper timber and recycled... by Little Tree Furniture
Retro Round Oak Lamp Table Colours / Sizes
A stunning sleek, simple and elegant side table, perfect for a lamp or just your... by Make Me Something Special
Mary Rose Reclaimed Side Table
Handmade from reclaimed fishing boat wood, this Mary Rose Side Table is an exceptional piece... by Little Tree Furniture