Bedroom Furniture

Cotswold Dinghy Bookcase
Our Cotswold Dinghy Bookcase is like nothing you've seen before. Made from reclaimed wood. by Baker Furniture
Cotswold Small Desk
File away papers, organise stationery and get some amazing work done on our Cotswold Small... by Baker Furniture
Tannery Lamp Table
Place your lamp on our rustic-chic Tannery Lamp Table to light up your room in... by Baker Furniture
Calais Medium Shelf Bookcase
Our Calais Medium Shelf Bookcase is a picturesque bookcase or a great storage solution! by Baker Furniture
Calais Large Desk
Be your best self when working on our Large Desk. Perfect for your office and... by Baker Furniture
Grasmere 6 Drawer Wide Chest
6 wonderfully large drawers to fit all your clothes and accessories in our Grasmere 6... by Baker Furniture
Grasmere 3 Drawer Bedside
Ample storage for the side of your bed with our Grasmere 3 Drawer Bedside. by Baker Furniture
Grasmere 1 Drawer Bedside Table
The Grasmere 1 Drawer Bedside Table is the perfect little bedside table to store your... by Baker Furniture
Grasmere Blanket Box
The Grasmere Bedroom range brings a unique mixture of contemporary and classic design to your... by Baker Furniture