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The clean and uncomplicated design will grab anyone’s attention and stands out from the rest of the radio crowd.
The on-screen LED clock / FM frequency display / alarm’s floating appearance contrast against the natural and realistic material designs.
Wake up to the radio and snooze to your hearts content with the simple tuning button on top.
The Radio Click Clock also includes the fantastic features of our other Click Clock products, reacting to the clap of your hands or click of your fingers by lighting up the display with the time, date and temperature, disappearing when the room is quiet or when the radio is not in use.


Product features:

- FM Radio with on screen frequency display -  automatic channel searching or manual tuning


- display time, date and temperature alternately or only on the permanent time display                     


- on-screen alarm time display - radio or buzzer alarm option and 5 or 7 days alarm setting           


- sound activated display or permanently stays on               


- 12/24H clock and Celsius or Fahrenheit temperate display - European or American date display


- LED display automatically dims by half between 9 pm and 7 am - power supply: built-in  2000mAh     rechargeable battery or wall plug adaptor


- battery life: 7-8 hours when the radio is constantly in use; 10-14 days when the clock is on permanent display setting and 3-4 months in sound activated display setting.


- inbuilt internal memory battery to keep all your custom settings


- product material: wood with aluminium effect veneer finish - LED colour: white

L 179 x W 54 x H 105 mm

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