Cotswold 7 Drawer Wide Chest
Transform your bedroom into a French country haven with the Cotswold Bedroom Range. Made from Reclaimed... by Baker Furniture
Irish Coast Large Desk
This Irish coast Large desk is perfect for your office or even in your home. by Baker Furniture
Irish Coast - Small Desk
Organise stationary, file away work and papers and get some amazing work done on our... by Baker Furniture
Analogue Click Clock Colours
The Analogue Click Clock can be placed on the table/shelf or can be wall mounted.... by Baker Furniture
Brick Click Clock Colours
This Brick Click Clock is the perfect, unique and clever home accessory. Need to check... by Baker Furniture
Cube Click Clock Colours
Time can be smart, clever, ultra-stylish, functional and simple with this cube silver wooden alarm... by Baker Furniture
Flip Click Clock Colours
The Flip Click Clock isn't your normal alarm clock, with the same sound activated clock... by Baker Furniture
Halo One Bluetooth Speaker
Halo One meets people’s desire for adding an unusual, inspiring, and aesthetically pleasing table art in... by Baker Furniture
Message Click Clock Colours
The Message Click Clock can display the Time, Date and Temperate alternately, and the display... by Baker Furniture
MI Square Pocket Speaker Colours
The MI SQUARE Pocket Bluetooth Speaker is a very handy object to travel with, no... by Baker Furniture
Octagon One Rechargeable Desk Light Colours
The Octagon One Desk Lamp combines the best of simple and natural wood-effect finishes to... by Baker Furniture
Radio Click Clock Colours
The clean and uncomplicated design will grab anyone’s attention and stands out from the rest of the radio crowd. by Baker Furniture