Lounge Chair

Who is: Biggs and Quail
Biggs and Quail
Biggs and Quail create handmade furniture, from choosing the materials, to the delivery, every little detail is carefully thought through and lovingly handmade. The business began when Will Biggs wanted a desk for his home but couldn’t find a good quality, solid wood desk for a reasonable price. He and his school friend, Sean Quail, shared a passion for design and craftsmanship which sparked the idea of creating their own simple, elegant desk that would last more than just a few years. From there, they discovered their love creating furniture and using interesting and beautiful materials – and so in 2013, Biggs and Quail were established.
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Simple lines inspired by Japanese woodwork and design. Our Lounge Chair is a timeless design that would fit into any living area.


Handmade from solid timber using a combination of traditional and modern techniques to shape comfortable curves and flawless joinery. Countless hours were spent sitting and finely adjusting prototypes to give maximum comfort.


The curved back and relief in the seat give the user a “sunken in” feeling that you would get with a soft armchair while maintaining the ultra stylish appearance and grain of the timber. 


Our Lounge Chair is best served with a good book and a great single malt whiskey on ice!

Width: 69cm Depth: 82cm Height: 70cm

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