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In 2007, Make Me Something Special was founded by Ben and Davina to design and create perfect gifts for any occasion. Every piece of wood is carefully hand-selected based on its natural beauty and is then transformed and engraved with your personal inscription to make each piece unique. MMSS is a family business based within the Surrey Hills. They strive to create something special and unique for each and every customer. Ben and Davina pride themselves on being one of the few remaining companies that values craftsmanship and attention to detail above all else.
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This is the best and most kindest way to hang your swing from a tree branch. Whether you have chosen one of our oak swings or not, these swing fittings make life so much easier when attaching or removing your swing.

Anyone who knows about trees will tell you that the bark is the living part of the tree, unlike the hardwood inside. If you tie a rope around a tree branch this restricts the flow of sap, which is potentially harmful to the branch, especially if the rope rubs when your tree swing is in motion. With an eye fitting, this is not the case. Once you have drilled your hole through the middle of the branch and attached your eye fitting, these two small holes will feel over in a short space of time leaving the majority of the sap flow unrestricted. Simple.

All of our eye fittings are made to order. We will need to know your intended tree brach diameter when ordering.

An extremely high quality fitting that is large enough to hold a 20mm thick rope.

Priced Individually.

Please note: If you are ordering one of our large or double garden swigs you will need two eye fittings.

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