Driftwood Twig Lamp

Who is: Nautilus Design
Nautilus Design
Mementos from the shore David Holmes of Nautilus design has been fascinated with driftwood from an early age, searching the beaches of Pembrokeshire and Cornwall in the holidays. Most of us have enjoyed beach-combing at sometime or another and often wondered what to do with the driftwood collected. David has taken it one step further and created his own unique decorative designs from his finds. The coastal lifestyle is about appreciating the natural environment and his work will serve as a memento of that.
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A bunch of driftwood twigs, bleached by the sun and sculpted into smooth tactile shapes by the sea and sand. The lamp is arranged in a crown around an energy-efficient lamp. It gives off a warm glow and will cast lovely shadows on the wall.

Although this is a bespoke design the wood may differ slightly from the lamp displayed.

Height 34cm x15cm Diameter

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