Zai Hafiz Art

Handmade originals and exquisite prints are a rare find in today’s art world. Zai Hafiz Art manages to keep the art alive (mind the pun) while creating beautiful and original pieces.

Born as an escape from anxiety, Zai Hafiz Art has moved in leaps and bounds since inception a few years ago. Creating an outlet for anxiety and over run thoughts is something we have touched upon before – you can read more about it here.

Zai Hafiz Blossom

Mandala, comes from Sanskrit and loosely translates to “circle”, it is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. Designed to help with purification and healing, mandalas were painstakingly made from grains of coloured sand and said to transmit positive energies to anyone who sees them.

Zai Hafiz Green

After creation, monks will pray over it – and then destroy it. After weeks or even months of creation, depending on the size and after dropping each grain one-by-one, the mandala is simply swept up. Handfuls of the sand are given away to those who helped create the piece and participated in the closing ceremony, the remainder is then thrown into the nearest body of flowing water, eventually reaching an ocean to bless the rest of the world. This emphasises a core Buddhist prophecy, nothing is permanent – this ties beautifully with the motto of Zai Hafiz Art: “live life in detail”. Nothing is here forever.

Zai Hafiz Berry

Both originals and prints created on artist grade smooth matte paper designed to compliment and emphasise the intricate colours and details. Prints available in 3 sizes, 40, 50 and 60cm squares, unframed, so you can make the impact that’s right for your home – or great as a gift. Contact us for framing options.