Why Do We Love Indian Culture So Much?

For years, we have been open to accepting new cultures, but one culture has grown more than others. Indian! Their food, music, style, and way of life has influenced how we live. From food to décor, we have been influenced by the Indian culture to live our best life.

Nowadays it is difficult to go to a gym that doesn’t have a Yoga class. The popularity of Yoga and meditation has grown greatly over the last few decades. The appeal to bring peace to your body and mind has boosted in popularity as we are becoming more and more busy and technology dependant. Yoga and meditation teaches us to switch off to achieve mental and physical health.

Another main influence by Indian culture is the food. That wonderful boost of flavour and heat is a delight to the senses. It has become a part of tradition of going out for a curry before a night out or ordering a take-away on a Friday night. Making homemade curries has also boosted in popularity as it provides a flavourful meal with a very simple recipe. This is why we provide a wide range of spice tins and spice oils to pack flavour and spice into your meal

Spice tin

Vegetarianism has a huge impact on the growth of Indian food as the flavourful cuisine is created around the vegetarian diet which is popular with the Indian culture as they believe that what you eat affects your behaviour, and that a vegetarian diet can help tame the mind. The Indian cuisine provides a delicious flavourful meal without the need of a meat or fish element.

The Indian culture is also famous for its beautiful boosts of colour in their home décor. The bright colours mixed with gold, provides a rich and uplifting environment for the mind. Our range of soft furnishings and bold colours gives you that rich and enlightening environment.


The Buddha has also grown in popularity in home décor. Its peaceful and uplifting image is ideal for adding some Zen to your home. AO Home provides a large range of Buddha decorations to boost your zen and enlighten your home.

Buddha Candle

Check out more of our wide range of our handmade Indian decorations here to provide a rich and uplifting environment for the mind and body.