Velvet. What Makes It So Luxurious?

The history of Velvet goes back as early as 2000 BC in Cairo. With its intricate and luxurious embroidery, only the noble and wealthy could afford it. It has come to be associated closely with royalty across continents. Velvet clothing, being visually gorgeous, creates a sophisticated and upper crust look.


In Egypt, velvet carried an elite reputation from the robes of royalty, to a staple fabric during the medieval era into the renaissance. Plain, patterned, and printed silk velvets and the longer-piled relation, plush, were featured in glamorous opera coats during the early twentieth century. With its soft thread with precious metals woven into it, were among the most valuable items owned by both individuals and the Church.


Typically woven from silk, today velvet can be crafted from a variety of different fibres. It has become more affordable and people across various sections aspire to be seen in Velvet clothing.


The fabrics were not only popular in clothing, but soft furnishings to decorate the home. Our Yellow Velvet Tassel Cushion adds a pop of vibrancy to your home with the soft touch of Velvet.