Consider Underfloor Heating

No one wants to get up in the morning to a freezing cold bathroom floor - well, I can’t speak for everyone… but I know I don’t! I’m sure we’ve all considered underfloor heating, but quickly realised it’s an expensive investment and wistfully slipped on a pair of warm fuzzy socks and pushed the thought right to the back of our minds.

But, after last winter, I don’t think I’m ready for the freezing flooring in my home again this year. I’ve decided it’s time to seriously consider underfloor heating. And since the weather is deteriorating as each day passes, we have no time to waste. Let’s get straight to it.


Warmer, quicker, for longer

With most up-to-date underfloor heating systems, you can time when you want the heating to come on and for how long. Although, yes, it can take hours to reach your desired temperature, if you are proactive about when your home needs to be heated, there should really be no problem setting your system to accommodate your needs.

More room, fewer restrictions

One of my pet peeves is when people have sofas, beds or tables in front of radiators – especially in winter. If you want maximum heat out of your radiators, you really shouldn’t cover them. However, this rule is flawed. For example, in my living room, I have 1 long radiator spanning across the width of the wall. Sounds great, but unfortunately that means one whole wall is restricted from any furniture being placed there. This obviously limits how much I can change when I get bored with the layout.

Underfloor heating eliminates all restrictions of the “never cover radiators” rule! This is a big pro for me, I can put my furniture anywhere I like and not have to worry about not getting maximum heat!


Radiators can get really hot, plus they have sharp corners which can make bumping into them an extremely painful experience. This creates a safety risk for children and vulnerable adults but, with underfloor heating, these safety hazards don’t require a second thought.

Underfloor Heating AO Home

No maintenance

Because of the super simple, intelligent underfloor heating system having very few moving parts, there is next to no necessary maintenance – goodbye regular radiator bleeds! It does need a check every now and then but on the whole, the heating system lasts for a lifetime.




Obviously, we can’t create a cons list without the price coming up. The average cost per square metre is £75-£100, and on top of this, you have installation costs. You will need to call out a qualified electrician to connect the system to your power supply which will take a few hours and could cost anything between £150 and £250 depending on your location.

Water-based systems are usually a lot more expensive, sometimes two or three times more than an electric system – but water systems are usually installed during the build phase of a project and incorporated into the construction and renovation.


Floor height issue

Depending on the system you choose; you may have to sacrifice a few inches of height in your room. On top of that, you may want to place insulation boards under the heating equipment to maximise the heat, and these can add about another inch too!

Although this may seem like a minor issue, this can affect more than you think so make sure you consider this factor!

Underfloor Heating AO Home

If you’ve missed your window of opportunity to save money for underfloor heating, you’re going to need an alternative. You need to cosy-up your home. Surprise, surprise… We have just the thing! Adding cushions, blankets and throws to your furniture instantly makes it appear warmer and comfier.

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