How to Find Trends that Will Last

With how fast trends come and go these days, it’s not uncommon to feel that you’ve wasted your money on that super trendy bed that has now been replaced by another, totally different, even trendier bed!

Honestly, choosing the trendiest piece of the moment is never a wise thing to do… the chances are it will be forgotten about by next season!

There’s a knack to finding trends that last, but to give you a helping hand, we’ve put together our tips to ensure you invest in your pieces wisely with items that are timelessly trendy.

Trends that last

Like we mentioned before, trends come and go so fast these days it’s almost too hard to keep up with them, a general rule I live by is the faster a trend reaches its peak, the faster it falls to its pit.

Take metal trends, for example. It seems every year a different coloured metal is in style. Brass, copper, gold, silver, they’re on a never-ending loop of being trendy. We wouldn’t advise you to invest in any hugely expensive metal pieces because, let’s be honest, you’re going to hate it by the time the next metal rolls around.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with decorating your home with a few metal bits, an ornament here, a lamp there, but these things are easily replaceable – it’s important to remember this when choosing how you want to style the latest trend.

Another rule to bear in mind is to keep it simple. Patterns are difficult to complement regardless, but they’re another example of trends that come and go. 80s florals, 90s/2000s damask prints and animal print wallpapers have all been popular in the past – but they quickly went out of style.

The easiest and best way to keep your home looking trendy is to keep your walls and floors simple and neutral.

Don’t forget, black, brown and even certain blues are also classed as neutrals, so you’re not always limited by white and magnolia!

Trends That Last

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Choosing Furniture You’ll Love for Years

Always think before purchasing: do you like this because of the flood of all Instagram-interior-designers blasting the trend on your feed? Or have you liked this piece and similar pieces for a while?

If you’ve grown to like a trend over months or years where the pieces have become unpopular, chances are you’ll love the piece for years to come because your mind won’t have been influenced by newer flash trends.

Choosing Furniture

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