Totally Tropical...

So you’ve had an amazing sun-filled holiday and you’re back home, back to work and back to feeling those dreaded holiday blues! Until you’ve got your next getaway booked, we’ve got just the ticket to help take those blues away – bring the tropical feel into your home!


We’ve got a collection of plants you can grow in your home to make you feel totally tropical! They’re easy to grow, easy to manage and love a little heat (I mean who doesn’t…?) Sit back get your cocktails ready and ask Google to play some wave sounds…


Anthurium (Flamingo Flower or Laceflower)

 Flamingo Flower

The air purifying plant isn’t the only houseplant with the positive characteristic, but with the right care and attention it can bloom for a very long time. We love the bright heart shaped leaves with the plastic looking sheen.


Care: Anthuriums like to be in bright, direct light and in warm temperatures at least 15°C and above, perfect for indoor.


Elephants Ear (Alocasia)

Elephant Ears

Originating from Southeast Asia, these large leafed plants boast deep green leaves with silvery veins that almost illuminate. This plant requires room to grow as they can grow up to 9’ tall, so great for outdoors as they only need temperatures of 4-7°C flourish – perfect for spring and summer. During colder periods this plant can quite happily be dug up and moved indoors, ready to be replanted the following spring.


Care: Elephant Ears can flourish better in indirect sunlight; in fact they can cope being in up to 80% shade. Keep its soil moist and temperature high – truly tropical!


Bird of Paradise (Crane Flower)

Bird of Paradise

The epitome of indoor tropical plants has to be the Bird of Paradise. This beautiful ornamental flower can reach heights of 4-5 feet with flowers emerging from thick evergreen foliage that resembles small banana leaves. The key to growing Bird of Paradise plants is patience – this plant requires constant care with regular feeds and watering.


Care: Bird of Paradise needs to be in bright direct sunlight. Not easy to please, but worth it when done right – continuous watering and high humidity

If you're particularly green-fingered you can always opt for synthetic plants - just remember to dust them occassionally! Alternatively bring the totally tropical vibe into your home with bright cushions and ornaments...