Top Picks on Metal Accents

If you are looking for accessories or way to redecorate your interior design, metal accents range from stools to wall art which adds different styles to your home.

Wall Art

When you are looking for design ideas or need to fill up some empty space on your wall, using metal accent wall art will help add a unique design to your home.

If you are deciding to put up images, collages or art, adding metal frames on the imagery will make it stand out and improve your design styles. If you are looking for more subtle, yet totally on-trend, look choose to replace your existing wall clock with a clock with metal accents. The clock will contrast the metal accents with your wall background.

Metal Clocks

Lighting and Lamps

Majority of the time, adding lighting to your home can be easy but it needs more design which is gained from adding metal accents. If you choose to add metal lamps and lighting to your home, it can be visually appealing whilst adding the best unique design to your home, in different designs and materials.

If you want to use metal accent on your lighting and lamps, you can also use them for multiple purposes which are for design and possibly used as an art piece which is lighting up the walls in your home!


Door Handles and Knobs

If you are wanting to add the minimalist but effective designs to your door handles and knobs, placing antique metal knobs in your home will add more design to your home. Although matching knobs and handles were popular, today it’s considered the best practice to blend in different finishes in a consistent theme throughout your home which will also include one design in your house.

Especially with the number of designs, styles and finishes that are available, it is considerably easy to choose a doorknob or handle that fits the style and appearance of your door and surrounding furniture. Even the most simple design of doorknob will add style to your property.

You can even add different styles of handles to a chest of draws or other furniture to add styles and designs to your home.

Chest of DrawersDoor Handles