Top Home Decoration Trends

As we’re 6 months (nearly 7 months) into 2021, there is a clear image of the direction it has gone and continues to go throughout the year for home decoration. 

Read on to find out the top decoration trends for your home:

Home Arches

In your home, archways have been historically a typical example of traditional architecture Now having a revival thanks to architects and designers, the curved doorways, rounded windows and arched mirrors can be added to their interior design projects. 

The use of curves and arches in your home always introduces an organic feeling to space. Curves and arches also connect the space with nature, because in nature we shall never find perfectly straight lines like the ones we make.

Interior Design Arches

Primary Palette

When designing the interior of your home, one of the top home decoration ideas is giving your interior an artistic edge by using two primary colours against a muted palette. With the primary palette, using statement lamps with a primary colour is the perfect way to bring colour into an existing neutral space.

When decorating with primary colours, it has somewhat gone out of fashion in recent years in favour of paler, calmer colour schemes. But, when adding bold brights, it can be done in a way that's sophisticated and subtle, if the primaries are added in pops in the decor of your home.

Primary Colours

As well as using the primary palette, you can also partner the colours with accessories. A simple and effective way of introducing colour into the home is through accessories. Through the accessories in your home, it is a joyful way of adding to and altering the feel of a room without committing to redecorating whole spaces. 


Interior Lighting

In your home, lighting is a crucial part and it can be designed creatively. 

If you use natural lighting in your home, whilst partnering the light with mirrors it can make your home seem more spacious and welcoming as well as brightening up your home! If you don’t have access to natural lighting, you can use lamps to create the same effect.

Whilst choosing the lighting for your home, don’t forget about task lighting. Task lighting is especially useful in your kitchens. When picking the best spots in your home for lighting, you need to think about the areas of your home where you'll need focused light for a task, like reading at a desk or accessing smaller cupboards or sideboards.

In 2020 and 2021 so far, there has been an influx of people working from home, which means more lighting is to be focused into work environments.

As lighting can transform your work environment and home, this means that working from home does not have to be such a drag and can become another, new piece in your home of which you’re proud of, instead of just being a workplace.

In 2021, we’re all going to be investing in some more aesthetic desk designs and this shouldn’t exclude lighting, so get ready to find the best lamps to adapt to your new workspace. With the resurgence of old trends with the retro style, you can create a mixture of environments in one!

Office Lighting