Style & Care Guide For A Strong Mo All Year Round

By now, your Movember Mo is likely coming into its own and becoming an impressive display of facial hair and sheer, unadulterated manliness. But even if your ‘tache is still nothing more than a few blond, teenage wisps, don’t fret; there’s more than enough time to perfect a powerful Pencil, craft a regal Connoisseur, or even achieve a legendary Rock Star. It may not happen before the month draws to a close, but what Movember is all about spans way beyond just one period of the year.


The international charity behind the movement, The Movember Foundation, works to help raise awareness of men’s health the whole year-round. Running campaigns, funding new programs, and generally helping men all over to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

So, just like sculpting a stellar moustache, Movember is a continuous affair that takes ongoing time and effort. And, therefore, there’s no better way to demonstrate your dedication and support than wearing the symbol of the cause on your face for more than just 30 days of the year.

The moustache is the male equivalent of the pink breast cancer ribbon. And so by becoming the proud owner of a mouth brow, you can’t help but be doing your bit to spread awareness and keep men’s health at the centre of the conversation.

Use our moustache care and styling guide below to tame your feral face furniture and ensure it continues going strong into the holidays, New Year, and beyond.

1. Caring for your moustache

An award-winning lawn won’t grow on a poorly kept soil. So first things first, you need to make sure your skin is cared for and in good condition before and during cultivation of any lip foliage.

A good, natural face scrub works wonders for getting rid of dead skin cells and pesky food particles, particularly in the initial stages. However, as hair draws moisture from the skin and can cause it to become dry and itchy, you also need to replace it with a good-quality facial moisturiser.

Beard Oil 

As well as tending to the soil, you also need to care for the grass. A natural beard or facial hair wash will keep your moustache clean and in tip-top condition.

The final step in caring for your nose neighbour is using moustache or beard oil. Doing this daily will soften any rigid hairs and bring shine to your new best friend. Beard oils based on natural ingredients like jojoba and argan oil are the most hydrating and give it the best chance of growing healthy and strong.

2. Styling your moustache

 Mo Styles

The most fundamental piece of advice for a successful moustache is picking the right style for your face shape. Not everyone can pull off a Handlebar or an After Eight, and so striking the balance between size and thickness and your facial characteristics is key.

Generally, the squarer your face the more suited you are to a heavier, longer moustache. If your face is more of an oval, then a medium width and a more angular, triangular shape will sit more naturally.

But the particular style you’re going for won’t matter until three or four weeks in, when you’ve grown a thick strip of hair. Up until then, you should manage your lip rug periodically with clippers or a beard trimmer, graduating to a quality pair of moustache scissors and a comb when finer styling is needed.

As wet hair is heavier and hangs longer, always trim your moustache when it’s dry. No matter what your style, you’re aiming for a smooth look (unless you can pull off the Detective). Balance out any uneven areas by using your upper lip as a guide to straightening out any rogue, curly hairs.

Once you have a tame and calculated style, use moustache wax to help distribute the hair and accentuate your look. Wax that’s based on natural ingredients and contains a touch of fragrance work best, adding a touch of class and manliness to the even the manliest of mos.

Check out our full range of moustache and facial hair products and treat your moustache with the due love and care it deserves.