The Terrazzo Trend

The material of the moment last year was quite obviously marble. And, although marble is still pretty big, we’ve noticed Terrazzo creeping its way into the top trends for 2018. Yep, that’s right, Terrazzo is set to take 2018/19 by storm!

Originally used for flooring in the 15th century, in Italian palazzos, grand Italian home and large communal spaces around the world, terrazzo has now stepped into the modern home. We’re seeing everything, from kitchen floors, bathroom tiles, candle holders, and print wallpapers.

Terrazzo is a mix of concrete, chips of marble and granite, which is then polished to give a smooth surface. Although the flooring material contains marble, the two materials have their differences. Terrazzo is a compound material, which means it has several materials within itself (concrete, marble and granite), whereas marble is a solid material – a form of limestone. Terrazzo is thinner and stronger than marble. It can last up to 75 years with minimal repairs whereas marble tiles are much more prone to chips and stains and can be almost impossible to fully repair - it just isn’t cost effective when compared to Terrazzo.

Not only does Terrazzo look great, but it’s also one of the most durable, inexpensive and hardwearing materials there is! So in terms of practicality and aesthetics, Terrazzo is the way to go this year for your redecoration!

Here are some of our favourite Terrazzo-incorporating designs:

Terrazzo walls and floors

Terrazzo Bathroom

Terrazzo Lamp

Terrazzo Kitchen

Terrazzo Phone Case