Planning the Perfect Summer Garden Party

Summer barbeques and garden parties are right around the corner, are you thinking about having one of your own? We know, we know – all the planning and expenses can become stressful… But, wouldn’t it be great if you had a guide to help you through the planning? Well, once again, AO Home is here to help!

1: Take ALL Weather into Consideration

The first thing to bear in mind is that we are unfortunate enough to live in an unpredictable, ever surprising climate. A British summer is truly the most erratic of them all, 25 degrees Celsius without a cloud in the sky one day, to 14 degrees Celsius and torrential downpour the next. So, the number 1 priority for your summer garden party: prepare for ALL weather!

Though this may seem impossible at first glance, there really is quite a simple solution! A garden marquee or gazebo can save you from any weather. Too much sun and no shade? Hide from the sun’s rays in the marquee. Showers of rain? Shelter under the marquee. Strong winds? You guessed it: take refuge in the marquee! With an amazing range of sizes, prices and designs, there is definitely a marquee/gazebo to suit your garden


2: Keeping Your Guests Warm

If your chosen party-day is dry, will it be warm? Especially once the sun goes down, you want to make sure your guests are still comfortably warm. Outdoor heating may be something to consider if you don’t want your guests leaving early or making their way into your home for warmth. Electric heaters, an open fire/chiminea or maybe a cosy seating area would suffice, it all depends on the theme and the ambience you want to create, but we’ll get more into that later.

Fire Pit

3: Theme

Now that we’re through the precautionary measures, let’s discuss the fun parts. Let’s start with how you’re going to style your garden. This is dependent upon several things – are you having a theme? Are you just going to keep it chilled and relaxed? If you do pick a theme, try to stay away from anything too cliché. A Hawaiian theme may be a little too specific, so unless you want sunburnt men in Hawaiian shirts sipping beers in your garden, a theme that’s more broad may be the way to go. Think: ‘vintage’, or ‘elegant’, for example. (a white theme is always a winner – fresh, clean and very summery.)

4: Lighting

We have the theme sorted, now it’s time to set the scene! What sort of ambience are you going for? Fairy lights around your garden will create a relaxed/romantic ambience in your garden – giving any party that cosy-glam vibe. Hanging lanterns from tree branches is a great way to enhance the colour of summer blooms and give your garden a colourful glow. Line pathways and steps with candles or lanterns for safety, but also to add a modern-chic look to your garden. We recommend battery operated lights for outdoor use. Another fire risk you don’t have to worry about.

Lantern Walk Way

5: Seating

The next priority is seating! Make sure there is somewhere for everyone to sit, no one wants to stand around all day. It takes a few hours for guests to pluck up the courage to start dancing, and after a long day and night of drinking, eating and dancing, everyone will need a rest. Try out of deck chairs and camping chairs, these can even be folded away when not in use. Logs and tree stumps are fun make-shift seating solutions (as well as adding a serene-woodland feeling to your garden), chuck a few cushions on top for extra comfort.

6: Food & Drink

As well as having ample seating, what’s a party without food & drink?! Choosing your food and drink doesn’t have to be over complicated. Decide: are you having a BBQ, full meal or just finger food? Are you drinking beers and wine, or having a bit more of a full-on night with spirits and shots? Pick your poison, and make sure there’s plenty of it! Don’t forget to provide alternatives for the designated drivers and kids – mocktails perhaps.

Once all of the above has been covered, you’ll be set for a successful, smooth-running summer garden party! We’re glad we could take some of the weight off your shoulders and hopefully helped make your summer party as easy as possible, who knows… it could be the start of an annual event.