Summer Interior Trends

Pops of Colour

One of the strongest trends this season is pops of colours. It’s all about mixing bright colours together, which could go very wrong, very quick but, if done right, can look sensational. Choose the main base colour and build a colour palette around that. Neutrals are always good to pair with bright colours, they add something to the room without making it an eyesore.

AO Home Summer Interior Trends

Ice Cream Shades

As mentioned in our previous blog, ice cream colours are faultless for summer! We can’t stress enough how much we love this trend at AO. Not only do we love how the colours look together in a room, but they lift your mood instantly with the summery-vibe they give off!

AO Home Summer Interior Trends

Blurred Boundaries

Numerous studies have taken place proving the amazing benefits plants can have on your health! Blurring the boundaries and bringing indoors and outdoors together seamlessly, reconnecting us to nature as well as bringing life to your home, and giving the feeling of bigger living spaces.

AO Home Summer Interior Trends


Yes, geometrics have been a trend for a few seasons on-the-trot, and it’s predicted to be even bigger this summer!

AO Home Summer Interior Trends


Fringing, feathers, tufting and tassels, just to name a few, are here to stay this season! Embellishments add character to your standard home accessories, like cushions, throws, rugs and wall hangings. Take your décor from uninspiring to unusual with next-to-no effort whatsoever!