Make the Most of Summer Evenings


AO Home Make the Most of Summer Evenings

What better time to camp than summer? There is nothing more entertaining than camping with a group of your closest friends, sitting in a circle, desperately trying to keep warm around a glowing campfire – these types of summer activities are where the best memories are made… For some reason, sausages and beans taste different cooked on a campfire – try it!


Picture this: summer evening, watching your favourite artists in an outdoor arena/park, while the sun sets behind the stage. Sounds like something out of a movie, right?

Summer concerts and day-festivals are more common than you may think, and they’re such a great way to spend a summers evening!

Outdoor movie

AO Home Make the Most of Summer Evenings

The first ever ‘Drive-in’ movie theatre opened nearly 80 years ago in 1933 in New Jersey but, the fun fizzled out between 1978-1988 when other entertainment options, such as the home video skyrocketed in popularity and took over.

However, you may be surprised at how many outdoor cinemas there are popping up! In the UK there are over 60 venues for “The Luna Cinema” alone – not to mention independent events that take place across the country!

There’s bound to be an outdoor cinema near you, and it’s a wonderful way to watch a movie, indulge in popcorn and be in the great outdoors.

Evening at the park

Some parks with lakes have fun activities like canoeing, sailing and pedalos! Even a lovely evening walk in the park is a wonderful way to spend your evening.

Night Hike

AO Home Make the Most of Summer Evenings

Walking is free, and walking in nature is freeing! An evening stroll can be one of the most therapeutic things to do to ease your mind. The beauty of walking is you can do it on your own or with company and both are equally as rewarding!