Things to do on a Sunny Bank Holiday

Have a BBQ

The obvious thing to do on a sunny bank holiday would be to have a barbecue! Invite some friends over, get some drinks on ice, some tasty food and make the most of the spring-sun!


Go to a beer garden

Another obvious and popular one for the first sign of sun in the UK is beer gardens. In pretty much all of the pubs, gardens seem to be packed out with people wanting to enjoy a cold beverage and relish in the small amount of sun that we get a few times a year – in fear that this is the only bit of sun we will see for the coming months!

Although seats may be scarce, the busy atmosphere adds to the fun, summer day and creates a really nice vibe, enough to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Headrow House

Road trip

To the beach? To a nearby city that you’ve been meaning to visit? A road trip on a sunny day with all your best pals, your family or your significant other is one of the most therapeutic and fun ways to spend your bank holiday!

There’s something about the spontaneity of a half-planned road trip that makes the trip even more fun! Just make sure you’ve got a great playlist.

Road Trip

Take advantage of your garden

Your garden can be the most peaceful place on earth. Sometimes simply sitting on your garden bench, swinging on your swing or sunbathing on the lawn with a book is all you need to relax and destress. And you don’t even need to travel very far.


No matter where you are in the UK, you’re never far away from a beautiful walk. City walks can be just as pleasant as a country walk, and with the right company, it doesn’t even matter where you’re going!

Local activities

Take advantage of what’s going on in your area! There’s bound to be plenty of events and activities on, and even if there are no arranged events, take a trip to your local park, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc. – most are even free!

Your bank holiday is what YOU make of it, as long as you have the perfect company, whether it be your friends, family or yourself, you can have the best weekend ever with a positive mental attitude!