Tastefully Styling Christmas String Lights

At Christmas, from your living room to the outdoors, where are the best places to style your seasonal lights?

Living Room

When designing on your living room, at Christmas, as well as hanging up your stocking, you can decorate your mantelpiece with your string lighting. If you use your red candle holders that can be used to be creative as well as doing DIY.  They look marvellous at Christmas as well as looking rustic.

When decorating your tree in the days counting up to Christmas, you can also add different lighting in an array of styles from neon lights to the traditional string lights. On your tree, you use lights which are designed and decorated in different colours, styles and designs to give your home the festive feeling - which everyone is looking for at Christmas!

Christmas Lighting


In the bedroom, the majority of the time, it is the last place where you will go before you wake up on Christmas tree, so why not style your room with festive lighting? In your room, you should create yourself a miniature tree which you can brighten up with miniature festive lights which will surround other decorations in your bedroom.

If you are looking for your Christmas tree to be eye-catching, get creative and play about with different colours of fairy lights; you could also use multi-action and coloured lighting for an extra-special festive Christmas tree. Hanging your wreath above your bed as a centrepiece or hung from the door for a real Christmassy welcome to the festive season at your home.

Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Lighting

Decorating the outside and around your home will add more festivities to anyone passing your home. When putting the lights up around your house, to change the variety you can change the configurations of the colours, flashing patterns and more depending on the array of lights you purchase for your home.

As well as the traditional lighting, you can also buy ornaments which incorporate multiple selections of lights which can be placed inside your home around the windows which are visible to everyone passing your home as well as being placed outside around your house and garden.

Outdoor Christmas Lighting