Storage Solutions

Storage is important to keep all your items organised and safe around your home as well as keeping important items stored away but what are the best storage solutions?

Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers will separate your belongings and will help to maximise the space of which you are organising. Using dividers will help separate the space and add some extra support to your belongings.

If you are feeling creative and wanting to do it yourself, you could design and create your own drawer dividers. Even if you’re not big into DIY, drawer dividers are easy to make. Once you have created or bought your custom dividers, everything is perfectly organized and easy to find.

If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, you could also use separate boxes as dividers in kitchen cabinets or drawers and for toy storage as well.

Drawer Dividers


There is a collection of different baskets which can help organise your belongings in your home in multiple different sizes. You can also place baskets in your kitchen, to organise and have a place to keep foods in your home.

If you are looking for baskets to organise smaller items, especially items like television remotes, you can get baskets to collate your items in one place. You can collate all your remote controls and other smaller items in our lounge all kept together in a shallow basket which looks much nicer than them all being scattered around your home. 

Egg Basket

You could also use and place baskets in TV units and places like cabinets and possibly using shoe storage units. Filling the clothes, pull the basket out, choose what I need, and put the basket back which makes it convenient and easy, especially when you are looking to maximising space!

Shoe Storage Unit

Under Bed Storage

If you are looking for extra storage in your home, your bed is the perfect place. A storage bed is simply a bed that has built-in storage underneath the mattress area and it is the perfect place for gaining more storage without spending any extra money and is effective.

If you need to place items or paperwork in storage which you want to keep private or if you keep items like presents a secret from children. It’s also a great place to store things when you’re on holiday as they are less likely to be found if you get broken into, which can also potentially help improve items for security.

Underbed Storage

Above-Cabinet Storage

If you are looking for extra storage, especially for items which you don’t use a lot of the time, you can place those extra items in above-cabinet storage.

If you have extra space above your cabinets or cupboards around your home, why not add shelves? Adding shelves to your home will give you access to further storage solutions around your home.

Shelving Storage Solutions

In your kitchen, if you have that extra storage above cupboards and cabinets, and enjoy cooking or baking, you can use the space to place cookbooks or accessories as this is the best place for ease of accessibility.