Send Your Love On A Piece Of Art!

We have been using greetings cards for centuries to express our feelings and wishing happiness on birthdays and Christmas. What makes it so special? In this super-fast online world, we take pleasures in being able to express our feelings in a beautiful handwritten card. 


In ancient China, they believed that sending greetings cards warded off the beast Nien. The Chinese believed that Nien was a monster who attacked and killed villagers at the end of each year. To prevent Nien’s vicious attacks at the end of each year, the ancient Chinese used brilliant lights and loud noises to scare him away and sent their best wishes to one another as each new year began.


In Europe, we adopted this trend in the 1400s with handmade greetings cards. It was the Germans who printed New Year’s greetings from woodcuts at that time, while handmade paper valentines were exchanged for Valentine’s Day in various areas of Europe by the early to mid-1400s. Write your own message to the love of your life with a burst of colour to express the passion with our Valentine’s Day cards.



As advances were made in printing and mechanization, it was probably only a matter of time before the greeting card became commercialized. In 1843, Sir Henry Cole invented the first commercial greeting card for Christmas in Victorian England.



With the boom of online communication, why do we still send greetings cards? It is truly affectionate to send someone a card instead of sending a text or Facebook message. Greetings cards are a way to express your feelings to someone when you can’t find the words. These pieces of art reflect the love you feel for your friends, family and another half.


Sending your loved ones a piece of art with your own personal message inside is truly affectionate. If that person is going through a difficult time, sending a personalised card is the best way to lift their spirits. Send your loved ones a Bouquet of Balloons Card to say thank you or just because. Check out our range of greetings cards perfect for any occasion.