Scary-Good Halloween Decor

From placing accessories in your home to carving pumpkins, there are many ways to celebrate this Halloween season.


A clear canister or jar makes for an instantaneous Halloween display of mini pumpkins which will add to the festive season. The assortment of colours means there’s a look to suit any style you are going for on Halloween. 

When cutting your pumpkins getting a chopping board is important for the safety of yourself.

For something more elegant and understated, go with all white pumpkins, if you are looking for the classic look, choosing orange pumpkins will help achieve this outcome. The best option to get different colours and designs, choosing a mix of colours will be the best option for you!

PumpkinsBucket Pumpkin

When it comes round to Halloween, why not create a social event out of it? Gather your friends together and invite friends and family to pick their favourite pumpkin from a patch. When your pumpkins have been accumulated, you could create an event to carve pumpkins together.


Candles are the perfect way to set the spooky scene and add a little extra drama to your home, especially when you have invited friends and family.

Regardless of the occasion, if you're hosting a scary dinner party, watching scary horror movies or carving pumpkins using Halloween candles are the perfect way to add a spooky atmosphere. 

Orange is always the most popular colour around Halloween, so adding candles and candle holders around the orange colour and around pumpkins will help add to the Halloween feeling.

Tealight Candles


Adding and figuring out furnishings which you place around your home during this time of the year can be a great way to take advantage of the Halloween season. If you are having a meal or a few nibbles with friends and family, Halloween-themed napkins and cutlery make your table settings look scary, makes it ideal for Halloween. You could also place wall hangings around your home to increase the Halloween design.

If you have children who enjoy the Halloween season, your kids can help turn egg cartons into bat decorations; just cut, paint, and add decorate these egg cartons and other creative materials.

Halloween Wall Decorations