Revamp Your Home 2018

Make sure your home is on trend this year by keeping up with 2018’s interior design trends! 2018’s trends seem to be the kind of styles that have always and will always look luxurious, no matter what.

Dark Wood & Bright Lights

For smaller rooms, light brown colours of natural wood such as maple/pine/beech etc. are perfect. Light Wood brightens up a small space and adds a modern feel. Dark wood, on the other hand, darkens small spaces and can make them appear smaller. Dark wood is more suited to large spaces, like an open plan home. Solid dark wood cabinets for storage, or a dark wood show case with lights in the corners to illuminate the cabinets looks chic and luxurious straight away without even filling the cabinets! Wood and amazing lighting can create a spacious, warm, comfortable room.

Dark Wood Bright Lights

Dark Leather Sofa

Our new supplier Biggs and Quail have an extensive range of unique pieces of furniture, all available in different shades of timber. The Credenza with Hairpin Legs in Walnut is available in a beautiful dark wood and can be used as a TV unit or credenza. This stunning piece of furniture that can be easily placed in any room for a cosy-modern vibe.

The Biggs and Quail furniture collection is available here.

Simple Shapes & Metal Furniture

Geometric, clean and elegant designs will never cease to look simplistic and aesthetically-pleasing. Minimalism is key, but mixing minimalism with retro-modern designs may just be the master key to interior design. Mixing patterns is a no-go, but collaborating clean geometry with funky retro pieces is the perfect way to unleash your creative-yet-orderly-and-clean beast! Go wild (ish)!

Lamp Table


The stunning Zephyr range combines geometric shapes with beautiful neutral tones of timber and gold metal details. The Zephyr range is like nothing you will have ever seen before, and is available to pre-order for delivery in June 2018.

Reclaimed Furniture

I have seen so many beautiful pieces of furniture made from literally anything wooden, that needs a new purpose. From upcycled fishing boats to railway sleepers, a piece of wood’s life doesn’t have to end just because its current purpose is worn out. Walls, floors, tables, chairs, gardens… Reclaimed wood can be remade into just about anything and look absolutely incredible all over again. 

AO has also added some beautiful new pieces of reclaimed furniture to existing and brand new ranges. You can check out our ranges of furniture here.


Suede and leather have definitely made it into the top ten most luxurious and chic looking textures in the home for 2018. Mixing textures, when done right, looks incredible. I think because suede is matte, the texture looks intrinsically classic. Although leather has always been a standard-sofa-texture, it shouldn’t take away from the fact that leather is an incredible material. It is a staple in homes for a reason, and that reason is its durability, comfortability and never-dying style.

Orange Sofa

What’s in and what’s out?!

Make sure you’re keeping up to date with the current trends, and trends that are out of style (or are due to go out of style very soon!)

In terms of metals: gold is back in, and unfortunately copper is out. No matter what year, season or decade we are in, there will always be a metal of choice on trend. Whether it be copper, silver, gold or platinum; the metals will be on a constant loop of fading in and out of trend.

Mixed material kitchens are in, all white kitchens: out. Think dark mahogany walls, dark marble counter tops and copper/gold appliances, cutlery and detailing… now think of an all-white kitchen. Need I say more? As nice and fresh a white kitchen looks, it has no character. Clean – yet boring. Mixed material kitchens look like they have a story to tell, they have a suave edge to them. 2018 is bringing sexy (kitchens) back. 

Cool Kitchen

Cool Kitchen 2