Create the Perfect Christmas Morning

Christmas is one of the most important days in our children’s lives. Everything about it just screams excitement for our little ones, and it’s such a heart-warming feeling to see how they fully immerse themselves into it.

Making Christmas special for my kids is something I feel passionate about – plus it gives me an excuse to act like a big kid too. Want to go see Santa, kids? Because I do!

Over Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, my family and I have a few fun traditions to into the spirit of things!

Christmas Eve Box

My favourite comes first: The Christmas Eve Box – a little box of mini presents to be used mainly on Christmas Eve. You can put whatever you like in yours, but the idea is to fill it with festive movies, sweets and pyjamas all to be enjoyed as a family on Christmas Eve!

In ours, you’ll find matching pyjamas and slippers (yes, we’re that family…), a selection of chocolates, a Christmas movie to be enjoyed before bed, hot chocolate, reindeer food and some cosy socks.

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Santa’s Footprints

The excitement on the kid’s faces when they wake up to a trail of Santa’s footprints on Christmas morning is priceless. Following them from the front door (or fireplace if you have one) to under the tree where all the presents are, is probably the most exciting part of the morning for my little ones!

It’s simple really, you can find boot stencils on Amazon and then all you have to do is provide the flour/baking soda to mimic the ‘snow’ on the bottom of Santa’s boots.

Create the Perfect Xmas Morning | AO Home

Gingerbread Houses

Something to enjoy on Christmas Eve is decorating Gingerbread Houses! This is so fun even if you don’t have kids… and makes a delicious snack for hot chocolate, eggnog, Irish cream or even all three.

What I enjoy doing is splitting into 2 teams and making a competition out of it – whosever is the most creative and neatest wins an extra treat on Christmas day! Just remember to buy the extra treat.

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Capture the Magic!

I came across this app last year and it’s a life saver for those intuitive children who are starting to become suspicious – how can they deny a picture of Santa caught red-handed in your living room?!

All you have to do is take a picture of the room and choose from a selection of Santa’s to position in your room. Works like a charm.

Bonus tip: you can use this app for the Tooth Fairy and the Easter bunny too!

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Jingle Bells

If you’ve got a bell lying around the house, jingle it gently outside the house just after the kids have gone to bed. They’re likely to still be awake with excitement (and sugar) and hear it, so in the morning they’ll be convinced they heard Father Christmas arriving!

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Just before bedtime, hang the stockings on your fireplace with the kids. This just adds to the excitement and they’re a great place to put little prezzies like sweets and stationery.

If you don’t have a place to hang them or don’t have any stockings, place a sack at the end of your kids' bed – my parents did this for me when I was young and it was just as exciting!

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Santa Tracker

Google does a great Santa Tracker where you can see where he is around the world from Christmas Eve, and you can also play Christmas games. Great fun for the kids, and it just gives them that little bit more ‘proof’ to keep their innocence alive for a little while longer.

Create the Perfect Xmas Morning | AO Home

Making Christmas special for your family, makes it special for you too. Have a very Merry Christmas from everyone at AO!