Making the Perfect Jug of Pimms

Strawberries and cream? Pimms? Smells like Wimbledon!

The tennis championship began yesterday, and we’re more than ready to watch our favourite players on the court with a bowl of strawberries and cream to our left, and a refreshing, homemade jug of Pimms to our right!

But, do you know how to make Pimms properly? From the ratio of Pimms to lemonade, to what sliced fruits and herbs compliment the drink; make sure you get the perfect set this year!

When making a jug, mixologists at Pimms advise adding a handful of ice, fresh mint leaves, chopped strawberries, 1 sliced orange, 1 chopped cucumber and to keep the ratio, one-quarter Pimms, three-quarters lemonade.

AO Home Perfect Pimms

Although the traditional recipe is delicious enough, don’t be limited by tradition! Check out these fun Pimms-with-a-twist recipes:

-        Serve with champagne, instead of lemonade! Also known as “Pimms Royale”.

-        Swap out the lemonade for cider! Add in some gingerbread syrup, lemon juice and apple cider and you have yourself a brilliantly, boozy Pimms cocktail!

-        Try Appletiser as a refreshing alternative. Keep the traditional sliced fruits and mint leaves, with the addition of a few slices of fresh apple.

-        Turn your Wimbledon Pimms cocktail into a Wimbledon Pimms-icle! Simply create the cocktail as usual, and then pour into ice-lolly moulds and freeze – remember you might need to cut the fruit slightly smaller depending in the shape and size of your moulds. The perfect cool down for a hot Wimbledon Day!

AO Home Perfect Pimms