Living Room Trends

Welcome to the first of a series we’re going to be doing! We’ll be doing one blog every month walking you through the biggest and best trends for each room in your home… Exciting, right?

The living room is the focal point of everyone’s home, so as the main room for many, we thought it was appropriate to tackle this one first.


Bringing concrete away from a construction site may be one of the best things 2019 has done for us. The versatility of concrete flooring is incredible; the grey colour makes it almost impossible for any other colour to not match!

You can find some great, contemporary furniture pieces for your home too, like dining tables and chairs – but we’ll talk about that in another blog.

Concrete is set to be huge this year and following on into 2020!

Concrete Floor

Rich Colours

It’s not uncommon for interior design trends to coincide with fashion trends, and that’s exactly what’s happening with the Rich Colours trend!

Rich colours make a statement, without a doubt. You can really show off your confident personality through the colours of your sofas and soft furnishings, so if rich colours are your thing – you’re in luck! They’re one of the top 2019 living room trends.

Rich Colours


This living room trend is timeless - black and white are an iconic duo, unbeatable some may say.

White walls and light coloured floor in your living room make the space bright and liveable, black details add an intense contrast but, as we already know, it works so well!

Try incorporating this into your soft furnishings, black and white geometric patterned cushions and rugs are a quick, easy and beautiful way to achieve the trend without redesigning your whole home.

Our Winstone Coffee Table is the perfect monochrome piece for your living room.


Art Deco

The popular 20s/30s design style is back on trend and we’re welcoming it with open arms! The glamorous design style can’t be beaten by any other; we all love at least one piece inspired by Art Deco.

The sleek curves on sofas, coffee tables, mirrors – the list goes on – makes the design style soft and subtle, but above all: unique and identifiable.

The Art Deco trend is playful and glam and can be incorporated into anyone’s living room – including yours! Begin your Art Deco adventure with our subtle-yet-striking Lalit Marble and Inlay Side Table.

Art Deco

Give your living room the update it deserves… These trends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!