5 Storage Hacks for Your Living Room

In the living room, which is known to be the central point of the home where everyone comes together to relax, but everyone needs places to find the best storage and we have the hacks just for that!

Here are 5 storage hacks for your living room.


1. Rustic Storage

When choosing the storage for your living room, going for rustic storage solutions will ensure that there are reclaimed materials being used in your home. 

One of the main items which are important to keep safe with your home keys so using a reclaimed wooden keyframe is essential to ensure that your keys and other belongings are kept in one communal space and you’ll never lose them again - which is a bonus!


If you’re into DIY, you can use old wooden reclaimed materials, to create boxes and shelving to create extra spaces with that rustic design. This creates the perfect mixture of creativity and practicality which brings the unique look to life.

Bookcase for Living Room Storage

2. Shelving Units

The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding shelving units to your home. With plenty of shelves to add all your accessories, adding a highboard was practically made for your living room! For the shelving units, a design which allows some of the wall colour to show through will also lessen the risk of the unit dominating the scheme.

For the shelving and storage units, if you have an open-plan space, you can also play around with positioning the unit away from walls and using it as a room divider. 

Shelving and Storage Units

If the room is larger, using the storage as a room divider will work exceptionally well because in a smaller room it might seem too crowded. 

For storage, two-way bookcases are ideal for this, as display items can be seen from both sides which also incorporate the extra design into your home.

Two way shelving


3. Use of furniture

In your living room, incorporating the use of household furniture will enable the use of more storage within your home and keep items safe and stored away for future use!

While the surface of a coffee table offers plenty of function and practicality, especially when you’re surrounded by friends and family, it can provide even more when you choose a tiered model.

Coffee Table for Storage

On the coffee table, stack books and magazines on the shelf below, and use baskets or trays to collate other items which are at use. For added style, reserve decorative items—like candles and floral arrangements—for the top shelf.  



4. Sideboards

In your living room, the use of sideboards enables the use of more storage within your home. The use of the sideboard in your home also helps with the storage of items which are going to be away for longer periods of time, as these items will be kept safe.

As a sideboard is larger than other furniture pieces which you may include in your home, you can utilise to access more storage as well as possessing the larger items which are to be stored away at home.

As well as storage, you can decorate the top of your sideboard with additional accessories to enable the creativity of your living room and your whole home. Adding a lamp or lantern on the top of your sideboard can give some extra lighting as well as extra creativity to add to the design of your home - which is always a bonus!


5. Practical Storage

In your living room, if you have spare boxes which enable the addition of extra belongings to be placed into creatively designed boxes which can be placed in your living room.

The advantage of using baskets and boxes is that they can be used as a practical and stylish storage solution in your living room, even in the most inconspicuous places. Also, have the boxes which are easily portable and can be moved around your home is easy for items which are used more frequently as well as being portal if you ever choose to move home.

Boxes for practical storage