Living Room Decoration Ideas

The living room is the heart of every house. It is intended for receiving guests but is most often used as a joint recreation area for all family members.

Based on the purpose of this room, it should be selected so that the objects around you are attractive, but it is also useful in everyday life. Your interior should reflect your tastes and personal preferences.

There are many ways to furnish the living room in a unique and useful way. If you want to get inspired before redecorating then read on:


Universal Techniques 

The newfound trend in living room interior decoration is the way to combine the central room in the house with the rest. By having the open-plan room you can incorporate your kitchen dinner with your living room. 

But by using different colours and patterns you can see the clear divide between the rooms. While achieving a light space and openness in the room which looks brilliant.

Interior design trends example


The best way to distinguish between these two zones is through the use of decorative interior items. These items do not want to contradict the general style direction. There are many options for implementing such ideas.

Some examples are to use a range of different furniture in each area of the room. You could also implement different lighting and flooring in each room to help with the divide. 


Darker Tones 

Fans of dark saturated coloured rooms are recommended to incorporate darker colours as a base theme for your living room. But not fill the room with just dark colours. For example, darken one wall or part of it with a shade of blue or grey rather than just a singular dark blue wall. 

The combination of blue and white tones will help merge into the design of a small living room. If you want to learn more about how to incorporate darker tones read here

Darker tones trends mix of colours

When deciding to go dark with a colour palette. It is important to make sure to use some crisp, energizing darks while complimenting the other styles in your living room.

You could do this by adding a play of colours to the trendy interior of the living room, you will make your room much more attractive. 

Having bold dark colours makes your room feel dark and it becomes very unwelcoming. The darker colours don't have to be just in the painting and wallpaper. Make sure to use a range of different furniture with a mix of dark and light tones. This will help to keep the room vibrant while keeping the dark colour palette. 


Comfort and Cosiness

Getting maximum comfort and cosiness remains the central accent in your living room. You should feel relaxed in any situation. The importance of having comfort will help keep the room living popular with family and friends.

Having high-quality materials in your living room is paramount to the idea of being somewhere you can relax. This will help you focus on yourself rather than the world around you. Having a range of different Pouffes will increase the cosiness of the room as it gives people a different area of relaxation.

Jute Pouffe. Comfort for your interior

The eye-catching Pouffe designs are a great treat to add to your living space. At AO Home, we sell a great set of Jute Pouffes. Which will fit impressively in any interior decor, especially a neutral one. Which gives you and your guests somewhere they will love to sit down on it.


Wood at its best

Wood is a classic that is always reinvented. Natural wooden furniture is never gonna stop being popular as demand increases every year. The organic lines, folds and curves merge with the warmth of the wood to present pieces of furniture that are unique.

Wooden products look as if they had been carved out of one piece. Which is a trend that can be applied to any space in the house even in the detailed furniture.

Wooden cabinet trends

When choosing unique wooden interiors. The trend of wooden interior design is all about incorporating tranquillity and warmth into the design.

You can do this by using reclaimed wooden materials to gain new furniture such as stools and tables to add unique furniture to your home. This creates a rustic style suitable for all living areas. 

Make sure to always plan out your room and the furniture before renovating your living room. Whether you're deciding to go open plan and have a mix of contrasting light and dark colours if you don't plan your living room may not end up the way you wanted. 

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