Living Like a Millionaire, without Spending Like One

When choosing the materials for your home, these are the ways to live like a millionaire without spending like one.


If you want to add accessories around your lighting as well as adding instant class to your home, you can ceiling medallions to your room. Like most housing details which are added to homes, they add elegance in a way which any other material couldn’t do.

Whether you're installing an obscure lampshade or mood-setting dimmer switch, and if you are trying to keep up with technology, you can use different applications to choose different colours with led lights which means some good lighting choices. 

This can be an instant upgrade your room to a new premium level which can also be used when working or studying.



When choosing the furniture for your home, adding golden accents will help add premium features to your home. You can add bits of golden colours and accents to a cluster of furniture like TV stands and more, whilst also not being expensive - which is a bonus! 

For the furniture, the accents go a long way, which makes it important to not overdo it. Especially for sofas, chairs and tables, choosing to have genuine wooden furniture in your home will help you gain durable furniture without having to spend a huge amount of money.

Furniture Furniture


In your home, when choosing the accessories for your home, if you invest in the art which can be placed in different areas of your home you can improve the look, feel and design of your abode. If you're on a budget when finding art, get creative and do it yourself. All you need for creating art is a giant canvas and the medium of your choice which can be taken in any direction which you feel.

Especially in your living room, adding metal shelves will add more design and class to your home without breaking the bank as well as providing you with extra storage. With the accessories you get, the storage will help give you space and materials to work with.