Lighting ideas for a small living room

Whether you live in a flat or a house, the lack of light can make a small living room look cramped and cluttered. So, what are the best lighting ideas for a small living room?

Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling lamps add more light without taking up too much floor space. The type of ceiling lighting which you choose will depend on the layout of your home. If people spend most of their time in your living room in seats, then a hanging fixture like a chandelier or pendant light is probably safe.

When choosing the perfect lighting if you look for overhead lighting that cast light up onto the ceiling or illuminates light both up and down since indirect light will look more even than direct light alone.



If you use two identical lamps, either side of the sofa can bring extra design and brightness to your living room, especially when set on matching tables with extra matching details.

In your living room, if you have a fireplace or a centrepiece, brighten it up! Highlight the architectural feature by adding small lamps to your mantel display. 

When choosing the best place to put a lamp in your living room, choose a centre point or a place which needs brightening up the most, if you place a lamp in that location, it will brightness up your home, which will make it warmer!

If you choose to place a lamp in your living room, it is important to have a lamp table so the table and the lamp complement each other. An approach is to use the table lamp to bring a completely different style, giving the room a radiant focal point!


Multiple Fixtures

In a living room, multiple lighting fixtures provide ambient lighting. It works in a space without becoming overwhelming to the eye especially when the fixtures are simple. If you have hanging lighting, it needs to be perfectly spaced rather than in random spots, which helps the living room feel orderly.

If you want to gain Ambient lights instantly, the lamps will illuminate the whole living room and can be switched off when you want gentler light from individual lamps. Also, when adding ambient light fixtures they can be attached to a dimmer switch to make them dimmable and set the mood - even LED light fixtures are now dimmable, which is a bonus!
Lighting Fixtures