Kitchen Trends

From a budding chef to a professional cook, the kitchen is an important part of the house for everyone. These kitchen trends will help upgrade your home and make it feel more comfortable and suitable for your needs.

Adding wood

Whether you are building or renovating a home, or just planning to give your kitchen a stylish makeover, using wooden materials will help improve your kitchen.

Wood is a common material for kitchens, from chopping boards to countertops. Using wood in the kitchen is continuing to grow in popularity - so why not jump on the trend? There are many ways you could use types of wood in your home regardless, new or used.

Wooden Kitchen

Integrated Storage and Appliances

Integrated storage and appliances can help tidy away all those loose cables and accessories as well as creating more worktop space. If your appliances and storage are integrated, it will give you that seamless and sleek design - which everyone is looking for!

Using integrated storage will also help grow and expand your kitchen. You can easily expand your kitchen by adding an island and creating extra storage underneath - great for all those extra gadgets!

Another benefit of having integrated storage and appliances is that can increase the value of your house. As people are buying a new home, they don’t have to purchase new appliances and you don’t have to take yours with you! Also if you are worried about noise pollution or looking for a quieter working kitchen, this will solve your problems when placing appliances behind an integral door.

Integrated Kitchen

Digital Technology

Technology has been a dominant part of the kitchen for lots of people and continues to grow in popularity. The amount of tech someone has in their house varies, from the food processor to home automation like Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa which you can automate and control your appliances.

There are many advantages of using digital tech in your kitchen from simplifying cooking to gaining nutritional information and staying healthier - which is a bonus! In your kitchen, you can install a range of smart products which you help watch cooking videos and see different recipes.

Tech Kitchen

If you don’t have the time for a huge kitchen overhaul, here are some little touches you can add to make cooking more fun and efficient…

This Radio Click Clock will help with timings which you can also listen to the radio whilst cooking or baking. You could also use this huge array of different spices you could integrate into your cooking.