Kitchen Storage Hacks

Kitchen Storage Hacks


Your kitchen should be a functional and comfortable space no matter how much room you have. So having some great storage hacks will help maximise your kitchen space and improve the functionality of your kitchen. 

With an organised kitchen, we can produce healthier food, enjoy making delicious beverages and enjoy being in a space that is one of the household’s most important rooms and where we spend a lot of our precious time

Here are five of the most ingenious ideas that will help you make the most of your kitchen:


Pantry Storage Hack  

We’ve all seen those Pinterest-worthy pantries, filled with gorgeous jars, full of dry goods. They look so organised. No matter the size of the jar it can be of use in your kitchen, small jars can hold your spices, as the bigger jars can store your flour. Not only is it great for the environment but it allows you to save money on storage. 

You can easily organize your dry goods by storing them inside jars by creating uniformity in your pantry and shelf storage, which is beneficial to stay organised.. Arranging these jars on display on open shelves can also give your kitchen a rustic look. This hack is brilliant for any sized kitchen old or modern. It's really simple, making it a lot easier to grab your products from your shelves or pantry.  

Pantry Stock

Interior Organisation Hacks 

Constructing unique storage in your cabinets allows your kitchen to feel more open. Rather than committing to a full wall of your home to storing all your cooking equipment. You can further maximize storage space by adding dish racks, stacking shelves, and tiered organizers, especially with use for your Coasters and Platter Boards. This kitchen organization idea allows you to fit varying sizes of dishes and glasses in your cabinet so that you don’t waste any available space.

Want better kitchen pantry organization? Whether you have a walk-in pantry or you’re using a kitchen cabinet for food storage, baskets and bins can make a world of difference when it comes to finding what you need! This hack saves you time searching behind other products making sure everything is visible. 

Interior Organisation Hacks


Corner Cabinets Hacks

Corner cabinets are a pain. They tend to be deeper than most kitchen cabinets and typically include awkward angles, which makes storing cookware, small appliances, and other kitchen items difficult. One way to get around the inconvenience of these cabinets is to install tiered shelving that can be spun inside the cabinet or pulled out of the cabinet. 

This kitchen hack makes it easier to find what you need. Whether some sliding drawers or swing-out baskets are what you want, you can find all kinds of blind cabinet ideas based on the shape of your cabinet.

This will massively improve the usability of storage space in your kitchen. Corner cabinets tend to get wasted with junk but this hack will help change that and help utilise your whole kitchen. 


Refrigerator Storage  Hacks   

The refrigerator is often forgotten when it comes to kitchen organization. However, it is one of the most important places to keep tidy. Not only does it help you find food, drinks, and ingredients quicker, but, it also allows you to see what food you have which means you're less likely to waste food or buy things you already have.

The best way to do this is to  Add clear small boxes to your fridge to keep items visible and organized. The boxes allow you to store the same products together and reduces the chance of products getting mixed up. This makes it much easier to find your food in the fridge as things are likely to be in the same place and you can quickly find your food. 

Refrigerator Storage Hacks

Produce Storage Hacks 

There are many different ways you can store your produce from wire hanging baskets to produce baskets hidden away in your cabinets both provide a great storage solution for your produce. For many families, one big shop is easier than multiple little visits. This is why having internal storage baskets are crucial as they allow you to store lots of products in the hidden cabinet.    

However, if you like to have your vegetables on hand, having some levitating wire hanging baskets are great for storing your fruits and other smaller products like garlic and onions. You can have the voice-over how big each basket is or how many you have allowing them to fit in any type of kitchen. 

Kitchen Storage Hacks


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