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We’re going kick off with ingenious ideas for smaller kitchens. Tips on how to maximise the space you have and tricks on double duty while keeping the element of practicality.

We’ve spent time probing the deep and mystical mind of our expert kitchen planner to provide you with our top tips for maximising you kitchen space.

Using all the space available

Using all the space available

Image courtesy of Amara

This one might sound a little obvious, but are you using every nook and cranny? Think about storage, not matter how large (or small) your space is there is never enough storage space. Our expert recommends double duty, or even triple if you can! We love the idea of creating a breakfast bar that can double up as extra preparation space and if you can add storage underneath too.


Clever Storage

Clever Storage

Image courtesy of Tom Howley

Leading on from using all the space available, our expert recommends taking a step back and looking the kitchen to make sure you are using the full height and space available. By researching your options you are sure to find perfect storage solutions for your space. We also recommend using low-level storage too, under tables and benches with storage are great for creating the extra space needed.


And then there was light


Image courtesy of Sustainable Kitchens

Illuminating any room is important, but more so in smaller rooms. Adding as much light as possible will help to make the space feel larger and more open. Light up the darker corners and invest in under unit lighting. Make this a priority when initially designing the kitchen and are less likely to get it wrong and have to put up “this will do” lighting.


Less is more

Less is more

image courtesy of Red Magazine

Ok, so we’ve told you make use of the space and add more and more storage options and lighting options, so why are we now saying less is more? Well, by this we mean your colour scheme; keep the colours clean and light. By doing this you are allowing firstly, the light to bounce more and secondly by blending the wall colour and unit doors to be the same you are creating the illusion of more space. You can then add a splash of colour with your accessories.


Make it unique

Make it Unique

Image courtesy of sohohome

Lastly, just because the amount of space available is limited, don’t be afraid to bring a little bit of you into the design and style, after all it’s your kitchen. It’s easy to forget this when you’re trying to be practical, but remember you’re going to be using the kitchen everyday – make it fun!