Journal Therapy

Journal therapy has been known to be an effective way to clear people’s minds and bring clarity to issues that were once incomprehensible. It is “the purposeful and intentional use of reflective writing to further mental physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness” according to the Center for Journal Therapy. Christina Baldwin says “Journal writing is the most accessible and adaptable form of self-help.”

People who have been diagnosed with anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, OCD or even people who have suffered with grief and loss and low self-esteem have found that journaling their thoughts and feelings has helped them understand and overcome their once incomprehensible thoughts. This is because the act of writing things down relieves tension, journaling can increase awareness and insight into issues and promote change and growth to develop your sense of self. From personal experience, friends and occasionally myself, have admitted not wanting to speak about what we are feeling, at the risk of hearing advice we don’t really want to hear. This is where journal therapy would help. We all have things to get off our chest and journaling is the perfect substitute to organise our thoughts, when the thought of vocalising is just too much.


Dr Lynn Somerstein used journal writing techniques with people who have trouble processing thoughts. One of these techniques called the “list of 100” proved to be effective for Dr Somerstein, this technique entails giving their patient a topic, like 100 reasons I am sad, or 100 things I want to do with my life and once their patient has completed these the therapist will then look for repetition and/or patterns in the list to discuss and talk more about in more detail.

Journaling can help anyone and everyone with their own personal complications or day to day thoughts. Order your own leather bound journal from AO Home, perfect for anyone wanting to explore journal therapy.