Is Your Home Handmade?

Over the past few years, handmade products have become increasingly popular. Is this is due to the urge to be unique, or the vanity to own a piece of art which can also be a coffee table that no one else has or to have a piece of furniture with a deep and fascinating history? Well we think it a little of everything. Besides we’re all a little bored with production line of Swedish furniture.


How did all of this happen anyway? Is it from our obsession with social media? Internet shopping? Fashion? Well, yes and so much more. In a time before the Internet, we only had access to furniture, clothing and art in shops from our local area, unless we were adventurous enough to venture to another city. But, now with the dawn of the Internet we have access to products from all over the world, and boy are we embracing it. Products being made specifically for the buyer, what could be better?


Nowadays, as consumers we value products that are not mass-produced as this means products are more often than not better for the environment. Reducing the need for industrial machinery and potential damage to the environment. This creates the popularity in not just a style point of view, but also an ecological point of view.


Social media has had a massive impact on the handmade market. Not only are people more aware of handmade products and their uniqueness but celebrities and fashion gurus will post about their new finds, tag the creator and hey presto. There are also events and trade shows dedicated to fans and creators of these unique pieces. This is a great way to create a connection between seller and buyer as the artist can tell the story behind each piece.


The demand for unique homemade items will not be dying out any time soon. With the uniqueness marketing booming, the trend will certainly grow over the next decade.


At AO Home we aim to provide you with unique and handmade products, guaranteed add beauty, colour and style to your home. With furniture made from reclaimed wood with over 150 years of history and wear; and still has natural colouring and markings from their previous lives to handmade coasters, clocks and aromatherapy oils. Shop now and find out what gems you will discover.