2021 Interior Design Trends

We are now in the second half of 2021 and as everyone heads back into the workplace it is time to spruce up your home with some of the top interior trends of 2021. 

Read on to find out the top Interior Design Trends of 2021:


Adding The Colour 

In your home, it is important to have plenty of colours. Adding the colour to your home is one of the most challenging parts of the redesign and making sure it's the right combination is important.   Having a splash of greens and yellows in your home will help change the room's atmosphere. 

In your home, adding different mixes of colour or small amounts of one colour throughout the room help brighten the room up. It allows different elements of the room to feel like they are meant to be in the room as well as making it more inviting for family and friends.    

This current interior design trend is making a big comeback in the summer of 2021. With more people opting for an open plan room which makes the colour palette important. Many people are choosing to have one colour which is shown in different parts of the room as seen in the image above.  

However, If you opt for multiple colours in your home, which is slowly becoming more popular. They need to complement each other well which is why adding smaller amounts of each colour to parts of your room works better than large amounts of colour on one piece of furniture. This also helps all the room's elements feel as one rather than separate elements.  

One of our current best sellers is the Set of 6 Coasters which are a prime example of how to use different colours in small amounts and spread them around the room.

They come in a range of colours which are perfect for your living or dining room with the choice of mixing different colours together which may already be shown in the room. The coasters are selling fast as they bring a contemporary look to your room, which is becoming increasingly popular in 2021. Check them out here on our website.

Keeping It Natural 

Most of us have gotten a lot closer to nature in the last 2 years with many of us spending time going for a walk or even taking up gardening. But as the weather slowly starts to get worse it is time to bring the outdoors in and make your house feel more natural with the inclusion of natural materials and plants.  

Indoor plants and natural woods have become increasingly more popular in 2021 especially over the summer. Adding natural decoration is nothing new but some of us don’t have the luxury of being surrounded by rolling hills. So having the ability to use natural plants on your dining tables and windowsills will help add nature to your home in a contemporary way. 

The natural additions to your room don't stop at plants. Adding furniture and home decor will add to that natural look around your home with items made of natural materials which are suitable all year round. If you're looking to expand your knowledge about interior design check out this blog. 

Sculptural Furniture 

If you're wanting to add a more authentic, uplifting experience inside the home then sculptured furniture is perfect for that. The bold colours and imaginative designs make it stand out among the rest of your furniture. It also continues in the theme of contemporary products which are higher in sales due to the increased popularity in this style. 

Carefully sculpted furniture can take centre stage in your home. They have become more popular because of their simplicity and for those with a love of curved and shapely furniture, they draw the eye and become more interesting furniture compared to your regular boxed furniture, which also makes your home a bit more unique.

Wood furniture is suitable for use in almost all types of interior designs. This is why the sculpted furniture is easily adjusted to fit into your interior design. You can use carved wooden furniture that is unique to the classic style. You can also use simple and strong wooden furniture for a minimalist and modern interior design. They also allow for all budgets with specialised products being top of the range. 

Going Open Plan 

With more homeowners choosing to renovate than relocate, open plan living is the go-to for growing families wanting super sociable spaces that evolve as their needs do, Perfect for modern-day living. It's one of the most popular ways to change the interior of your home as no matter the size of the room you can always make it open plan.

One of the best ways to do this is to maximize the natural light. Bi-fold doors and roof lights help to brighten a space up making it feel bigger as well as increasing the natural light in the room which is important in any home. While it may be challenging to achieve this if you don't have the space to do it, you can always maximize the light coming in by keeping your windows open and using brighter colours to reflect this light. 


One of the most difficult parts of going open plan is getting everything in the right place to maximize the space you have. The planning of the room is key to success and having the correct furniture in the room will help give that open plan feel to the room.

As shown in the image above, having a thin open dining table allows the room around it to feel open without the table taking up too much room. The open plan feel is what most people are after and is the top interior design style of 2021.