Interior Design Ideas for a Small House

Designing a smaller home can be difficult so what are the best interior design ideas for a smaller house?


In your home, lighting is a crucial part and it can be designed creatively. Especially in a smaller home, if you use natural lighting whilst partnering the light with mirrors it can make your home seem more spacious and welcoming as well as brightening up your home! If you don’t have access to natural lighting, you can use lamps to create the same effect with mirrors.

Whilst choosing the lighting for your home, don’t forget about task lighting. Task lighting is especially useful in your kitchens. When picking the best spots in your home for lighting, you need to think about the areas of your home where you'll need focused light for a task, like reading at a desk or accessing smaller cupboards or sideboards.

interior Lighting


Compact sofas, armchairs make for perfect small living room chairs. They’ll give you more floor to work with and look for designs give the illusion of more space in your lounge, especially if you have a smaller room that you are working with. Within your bespoke furniture, you can also maximise space by purchasing it with integrated drawers, using drawer chests or places you can place extra storage. 

When choosing tables, chairs etc. you can get items that are foldable or more compact which will give you more space around them specific items and around your home. When getting a place to work or study, using an area will be best and if you ever work from home, choosing a design is best around that area that will double up as a desk for you too.



Decorating with accessories, especially for a smaller home, can creatively add more design to your home. The accessories, which you use in your home, can and should be used to add visual interest. 

Using accessories can easily and inexpensively be altered or exchanged to fit the different moods or styles which will perfectly fit your home. Scaling and choosing proportions of your accessories are what help create a comfortable home and don’t cost a dime.


In your bedroom, in your home, you can get a mini-fridge to be able to access foods and drinks which can also be easily accessed at any time of the day, especially if you integrate the fridge into a unit or cupboard.

You can also add accessories like candles or lamps to add more design and style including comfortability to your home.

Candle Accessory for Interior Design