How to Style Your Comfies for Winter 17

Everyone loves a comfy hoodie or tracksuit bottoms, and while you very much could wear them out and about, sometimes you still want to be comfortable but, with a bit more dressed-to-impress. Fear not! I am here to help you style comfortable chill-clothes and look amazing while doing so!

1. Track-pants and Heels

It’s no secret that this style is on trend, with the Kardashian sisters sporting the chilled look frequently; it was undeniably going to become a trend. If you told me 1 year ago, track-pants and heels would be a trend in AW17, I would not have believed you, but yet here we are and I honestly love it. Pair your favourite and comfiest pair of trackies with a body suit and sock boot and your comfy outfit automatically becomes stylish.

Kim K

2. Oversized hoodies/sweatshirt

There’s not much that is comfier than a hoodie/sweatshirt, but let me tell you: there is nothing comfier than wearing an OVERSIZED hoodie/sweatshirt as a dress. Jeans are restricting, leggings don’t always look great… so why not buy your hoodie of choice 3 sizes bigger and wear it as a stylish, comfy dress? Iconic celebrities such as Rihanna, Zendaya, Bella Hadid…the list goes on, have all worn and loved this comfy outfit. Bonus, with winter around the corner, this outfit is perfect to keep yourself warm and cosy while still keeping on trend. Pair with tights, on colder days, and style trainers or heels.


3. Satin Tracksuits

Textures have so far proven to be a big trend in 2017, velvet, satin and sequins have been the prominent trendy textures and with the velour tracksuit trend fading out (RIP Juicy Couture), the satin tracksuit trend is coming in hot. With a satin tracksuit, you instantly look more dressed-up because of the luxury feel of the material. It will require very little effort to make this chill outfit look thought-through and well put together, pair with layered necklaces, all-white trainers and a cute hand-bag.

Cara Margo