Homemade Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is next weekend… Have you sorted what you’re getting mum? Buying a gift is nice, but you could put a little extra thought and effort into a homemade gift and it will always mean so much more!

This list of beautiful homemade gifts will give you the inspiration you need to make a gorgeous present for your mum that she’ll treasure forever.

Monogram Clay Keychains

Monogram Clay Keychains are so cute for your mum’s house/car keys. I found this on homeyohmy’s blog and suddenly a clay embossing kit was on its way to my house! I love this idea instead of a cheap keychain. You can choose whatever shape and colour you want, as well as being able to personalise it with initials or words of your choice!

What you need:

Clay – whatever colour you want

Rolling pin

Parchment paper

Clay cutters

Clay embossing kit - or even free, wing it!


Assorted sizes of jump rings




Work on top of a cutting board and a sheet of parchment paper, roll out the clay with a rolling pin – but don’t roll it too thin! About ½ a centimetre should be thin enough.

Cut out your chosen shape and remove the excess clay before removing the cutter.

Cut Out

credit: homeyohmy

From the embossing kit, choose the letters you need, put them into the stamper and press it into the clay.

Embossing Letters

credit: homeyohmy

Use the toothpick to poke a hole at the top of the clay masterpiece, big enough to fit your jump ring.

Cut the parchment paper around the clay, place on a baking tray and bake in the oven as per the instructions on your packet of clay.

Parchment Paper 

credit: homeyohmy

Use the pliers to bend the jump ring open and slide it through the hole in the clay. Hook a smaller jump ring to the open one then close.


credit: homeyohmy

Slide onto a keyring and there you have it – a stunning personalised keychain for mum!


credit: homeyohmy

Passionfruit Tea Body Scrub

This recipe is so easy to make and if your mum is a lover of baths, she’ll love this Passionfruit Tea Body Scrub!

You could use whatever tea you think your mum will love the scent of, but personally, I know my mum loves passionfruit.

What you need:

1 cup of granulated sugar

2 passionfruit tea bags

pink food colouring (optional)

¼ or ½ cup of jojoba oil (depending on how strong you want your scent/how moisturising you want the scrub)

10 drops orange essential oil


Put all the sugar into a mixing bowl. Open up the 2 tea bags, empty the contents into the bowl of sugar and mix around.

If you want to give the mixture a bit of colour, add a few drops of the pink food colouring, bear in mind if you add too much you could stain your skin!

Mix in the jojoba oil and 10 drops of orange essential oil with the sugar and tea and mix.

Store in an airtight container.

Passionfruit Tea Body Scrub

credit: apumpkinandaprincess

Blossoming Monogram

I can’t stress enough how lovely this looks, adding colour and ‘life’ to your home.

What you need:

Papier Mache letters (whatever size you wish)

Stanley knife

Floral foam

Glue gun

Wire cutters or strong scissors

Silk/artificial flowers

Using the Stanley knife, carefully cut off the front of the Papier Mache letters and hollow out if needed.

Next, take the floral foam and cut it into shapes that will fit inside each letter. We recommend doing this in pieces and securing with glue.

Trim the stalks off the artificial flowers, leaving a short stem to stick into the foam – if necessary, secure them in place with glue.

And it’s as easy as that!

Blossoming Monogram

credit: urbanicpaper

Colourful Bottle Photo Frames

Add a colourful holder for your favourite family photos!

What you need:

Glass bottles with corks

Paper clips


Acrylic paints

Begin by pouring the paint inside the jar and swirling it around until the entire inside is coated – you might be left with a lot of excess paint, just pour the excess out and set the jar upside down for a couple of minutes to drain.

Let the jar dry for 24 hours.

Using your knife, cut a little slit in the top of the cork, big enough to fit your paperclip and slot your paperclip in.

Print your photos and clip them in the paperclip!

Colourful Bottle Photo Frames

credit: eighteen25

I know my own mum, aunties and grannies would love these thoughtful gifts! Remember, Mother’s Day is about appreciating your mum, so a sentimental gift is perfect – it’s not always about how much you can spend.