Home Office Trends

If you permanently work from home or just want a place to get away, these trends will help modernise and upgrade your home office.

Corner Office Desk

If your home office is situated in a smaller room, using corner desks will help attain as much space as possible - which you can use to your advantage. These desks, which is suggested by the name, fits in the corner of most rooms and looks great too!

An advantage of using a corner office desk is that multi-tasking becomes simple. As there is more wrap-around space when using corner desks gives you the ability to using more accessories and gives you easy access to your papers, printers, or other computers. As you have more space, you can accessorise your office with lamps, which will also help brighten up your work.

The R Space Lamp

Floating Desks and Shelves

From price to cleanliness, there are many benefits of using floating desks and shelves. If you use floating desks, you can save more money when purchasing desks - and everyone wants to save money! 

A floating desk can also help your health as if you make or buy a higher desk, then you can complete your work standing up. You can also use your floating desk, which is cost-effective, as space to get creative - and do some scrapbooking.

You can also save more money when doing DIY and getting creative when making the floating desks and shelves yourself. If you are looking to decorate a room but have little room to work with then using shelves will help solve this problem!

Floating Shelves


For visual communication and your daily reminders, blackboards and mood boards are a helpful, creative way to organise your day. Whilst in the office at home, you can use your blackboard or pin your designs to your mood board to showcase all your best ideas.

If you have a blackboard for your reminders, it is a cheaper option than using paper or a whiteboard as chalk is one of the cheapest options, as well as the price, the chalk won’t dry out. To the eye, a chalkboard is more visually appealing as the darker colours blend with the colour of your walls and your background.