Handmade Decor

When adding handmade decor to your interior design, it can add relaxation and warmth to your abode. There are a lot of DIY projects which can be created and added to the interior of your decorations which can add a homemade feel to the different parts of your home.


You can design and create trays to store your belongings to keep them safe. If you use technology in your DIY projects, you could integrate phone chargers and other technology, which can range from simple to complex, to incorporate into your trays which can be placed around your home, these will also prevent losing your keys - which is a bonus!

Wireless Charger Tray

Picture Frames & Collages

From family photos to the best memories, creating photo frames and multiple collages will help store and collate your best images together. When creating your photo frame, you could customise the sides to your personal desire to add more personalisation to it.

You can also create collages to put multiple images together whilst adding more personalisation to the frames and to the images. As creating photo frames and collages is possibly easier than other DIY projects, this creativity will also save you money whilst adding comfortability and warmth feeling to your home.

Wooden Photo/Collage Frame

Plants and Flowers

If you want to add more colours and freshen up the rooms in your house, adding plants and flowers in pots as well as using household items like jars, which can be placed in places around your home with planters and vases.

When creating and placing plants and flowering around your home, they are easy to make and don’t take much money to make - excellent when you are feeling creative! 

You can also place different lengths and colours of flowers in hangers to be placed either in or outdoors. Using hangers are also easy to make and easily affordable so you can place multiple hangers around your garden.

Creative PlantsPotted Plants