Hallway Trends

From lighting to clever storage features, these trends will help improve the hallways around your home.


In your entrance hallways, there are different trends which can give extend the space in the entrance of your home. If you add smart storage options in your hallway, especially for shoes, you can save even more space - making sure you don’t trip over your belongings. 

You can also use wooden shoe storage units and different boxes to your belongings like your keys and helps remember things when leaving the house.

Entrance Hallway

In the entrance of your home, you can also add mirrors to make it aesthetically pleasing and will make the entrance brighter by reflecting light making your entrance appear larger and brighter.


For the hallways leading to and from the stairs, you can add lighting to brighten up the areas around your stairs, which helps with direction and visibility, especially at night. On the stairs, adding LED lighting progressing up the stairs which will also light up the surrounding areas.

Around your stairs, you can add plants in different sized pots and planters in the hallways to make your home visually appealing whilst adding colours to your home.

Stair Lighting

On the landing

The landing in your home is sometimes overlooked when designing the interior of your home but it can be one of the most important sections of your home and there is a lot of potential for designing and furnishing.

On the landing which is leading to other rooms in your house, you can place furnishing and collages including paintings which are placed on the landing. When adding collages, images and paintings to your landing walls, use frames to add more detail. You can also add plants and flowers in and around your landing to add colours, smells and make your landing more visually appealing - which everyone is looking for!

If your landing is larger, it may become a communal area so adding chairs and tables you could have a nice rest whilst walking around your home. As well as becoming a communal area, you could make your landing into a spot to look at the views, at day or night, which are surrounding your home.

Hallways - Landing