Make Your Home Guest-Ready

Personally, I love having guests come to my home. But, on occasion I’ll be caught off guard with a last-minute-lodger, leaving me in a bit of a stress-induced panic.

Preparing for a last minute guest can be overwhelming if you’re unprepared, which is why you need to take these crucial steps to equip you with a guest-ready home whenever the occasion arises.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Every single time I see a dirty surface in my kitchen, I get flashbacks to the disgusting conditions of my friend’s university halls – rusty, dusty and crusty kitchen counters that made me feel nauseous. Will my home ever get to that stage of rust, dust and crust? Absolutely not!

Wiping down your surfaces is also an example of a job that can be easily forgotten amid the last minute dash before guests arrive, but if you do it at least once a day – you’re covered!

We love using this homemade disinfectant too – a few cap fulls of your favourite Zaflora scent in a spray bottle with water.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Prioritising the Cleaning

Let’s be real, our homes aren’t always going to be spic and span, sometimes they get messy and that’s okay. The real complications come when you have a guest sprung upon you during a messy phase. The solution? Clean as you go.

What’s the point of cleaning your cellar, bedroom or your children’s bedrooms when your guest will, more than likely, not even see the other side of the door? The top 3 rooms you want to be spotless is the social room, the guest bedroom and the bathroom the guest/s will be using. 

Keep these areas forever guest-ready by simply cleaning and picking things up as you go. Doing a little every day means you’re not left with a huge clean.

Prioritise the Cleaning

Keep the Guest Essentials in One Place

Something that never helps the last minute dash is everything being in different places. Invest in a large chest of drawers or a sideboard to keep the guest essentials in one place.

Store clean towels, fresh bedding, spare toothbrushes, face cloths etc in the drawers or sideboard, making sure to leave some space for your guest to store some of their belongings.

Tip: throw a tumble dryer sheet in your drawer to keep the towels and sheets smelling fresh.

Guest Essentials

The Last Resort

Still, have some bits of clutter you don’t want on display? Throw it all into a big bag and hide it in a cupboard. Chances are your guest(s) won’t be rooting through your cupboards, so this is your safest and quickest fix!

Just don’t forget it afterwards…

Final Touches

Make sure you always have some nice treats around the house, a bottle of wine, a nice selection of biscuits, chocolates, crackers and cheese etc.


Another nice final touch is to always have some nice smelling diffusers and scented candles around the house. This just keeps your home smelling nice and clean, so even the most last-minute guests can walk into a fresh haven!


If clueless taught us anything, it’s to always have something in the oven before a guest arrives! You’ll look prepared, and it fills your home with a delicious smell that will get your guest(s) excited for dinner.



These quick-fix-tips should be everything you need to make sure you're always ready for those pesky last-minute-guests!