Grow it or Shave it?

This year’s Movember is officially now over. The strange this is though, you’re still left with a familiar, niggling feeling above your upper lip. A prickly uncertainty around whether your tash baby is going to see the holidays through, or if it’s just a matter of time before it meets its doom.


Traditionally, it’s the best time to grow out your facial hair as the cold, dark winter months are drawing in. A thick moustache and beard is the perfect way to ward off the winter chill, not to mention make you look all festive and jolly.


But not every guy feels that way. Some think the hipster trend of growing moustaches and beards year-round has somewhat sapped facial hair of its historical and biological significance. While others simply prefer the clean-shaven look when visiting family and friends over the holiday period.


Either way, we’re not all Vikings so it’s not essential you grow out your whiskers. And likewise, we’re not all in the military so it’s not required to go baby-butt smooth. You have full freedom to do with your tea strainer as you please; although you’ll want to ensure, whichever option you choose, that you do it right.


Follow our post-Movember grooming guide and ensure you give your mo a proper send-off or the best chance to flourish stylishly into the holidays.


The Movember Shave Off

 Shave it

It’s not going to do you or your partner any favours if you simply take a razor straight to your nose neighbour. Shaving it off needs as much care and attention as went into growing it — if not more.


A clean wet shave makes you look the part as well as creates the ideal conditions for your next mo to grow through. To get started, use a trimmer or a pair of high-quality beard scissors to get your mo down to shave-able length.


Next, soften up your stubble with a hot towel by placing it on your face for about a minute or so. Before then applying a generous amount of shaving cream, here you’ll want to use a preshave oil to ensure a super-smooth razor glide.


Once you’re all lathered up, if you’re using an old-school safety razor (recommended), dip it into some water first to lubricate the blades. You never want to take a dry safety razor to your face — trust me.


If you opted for a standard wet razor, avoid disposables and go for a razor with a weighted handle. This will help avoid too much pressure being applied and allow the blades to do most of the work.


Finally, rinse your freshly shaved upper lip with cold water and follow with a healthy application of postshave balm. You’ll want to do this the right way; making sure to rub it between your hands and dapping it on like in the movies.


Growing Your Mo in Style

Grow it - AO Home


If you’re going to grow your mouth brow out, you need to do it properly. Otherwise, you may end up with a furry, itchy nose bug that leaves you looking more like a rough sleeper than a distinguished, upstanding gentleman.


There are many shapes and styles for a fully grown out tash — the Horseshoe, the Walrus, the Chevron. But if you want to do it while staying on trend, try out the following styles that are currently in vogue.


Recently adorned by tough-guy celebs like Tom Hardy and Hugh Jackman, The Full Beard is the perfect way to let your moustache and beard flourish into one magnificent display of facial hair. No grooming or shaping is needed, although some trimming can be done to tame rouge hairs. However, as The Full Beard comes into its own and starts to fight back, you’ll want to use a high-quality beard oil to prevent itchiness and increase manoeuvrability.


For those looking for a touch more class and like their tash to stay the centre of attention, there’s The Magnum. Named after the hit crime drama of the same name, The Magnum mo is the ultimate way to display your manliness and show you mean business.


You need a caterpillar of a worthy thickness to pull off The Magnum, but there’s nothing wrong with a work in progress. While it’s growing out, grow your beard to short or medium stubble to soften the contrast and create a complimentary frame.


Another winning style you can go for is The Ducktail. A favourite of everyone, from those looking for something rugged to those wanting a more regal, stately look.


The main characteristic of The Ducktail is the gradual lengthening of hair toward the centre of the chin and beyond. This extended goatee style can be paired with different combinations of facial hair from super-short stubble to full-blown bushy beard.


But to make sure you rock The Ducktail successfully, it’s always necessary to have a full, valiant moustache. And, if you want that pointed ducktail look, you must style with a good quality beard oil or balm and pull towards the chin.