Gift Guide 2017

Struggling for gift ideas for your secret Santa, significant other or a tricky family member? We have the perfect gift guide with gift ideas for even the pickiest of people!

Gifts for foodies and people who love to cook:

At AO home we have a wide range of innovate spice drops and luxury spice tins, great for those who love to cook, love flavours or just love food in general. These beautiful spices could be the perfect gift to help spice-up their kitchen and experiment with new and existing favourites! Click here to view the products.


Gifts for those who love interior design:

Do you know someone who has moved house and a greetings card and houseplant just wont cut it? Or maybe you know someone who just loves unique and quirky home pieces? We have a wonderful range of truly bespoke finishing touches that will wow any receiver, from clocks to coasters to candle holders! Click here to view the products.

Interior Designers

Gifts for men who take pride in their appearance:

Does your significant other spend more time in the mirror than you? Does your dad have an uncontrollable beard? Or perhaps your secret Santa wants to begin his journey of growing a beard? Give them a helping hand with our range of beard grooming products, we have everything you need to tame even the wildest of beards! To read more about these products click here.

Click here to view the products.

Pride in appearance

Gifts for nail, hair and skin care:

Speaking of taking pride in your appearance, we stock a nourishing nail oil, hair oil and a nourish cream! These products are perfect for anyone and everyone, even the strongest of people need extra nail and hair care – especially as winter hits. Click here to view the products.

skin care

Gifts for lovers of aromatherapy:

Essential oils have been used in many ways to enhance the body’s health. Each oil has its own unique power, relaxing the body, clearing or stimulating the mind. Aromatherapy oils would be the perfect gift for anyone needing that little extra. Click here to view the products.


Gifts for Teenagers

Teenagers may just be the hardest people to buy gifts for, with their particular sense of style and the ever-changing fashion trends it’s difficult to buy them anything other than clothes vouchers. But sometimes you want to buy the teenagers in your life something that looks like you’ve put thought into the gift, and we have the perfect solution: comfy clothes. a simple hoodie, joggers or bomber jacket will never go unappreciated, and with a range of these products at AO Home, your gift search is over. Click here to view these products.


Gifts for Journal Writers

Journal writing can be therapeutic and creative and really help someone channel their energy into writing their thoughts and feelings or writing creatively. If you know someone who has the potential to be a great writer but doesn’t have the means to get started, or maybe someone who is always lost in their thoughts – a leather bound journal could be the perfect gift for them! To find out more about journal writing click here. 

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